Suelene rebouças

Discovering the art

The journey of Suelene Rebouças has not been a straight line.  A native of Brazil, Suelene spent much of her life in motion, moving to different parts of the world, and trying to find her niche.  With no real place to call "home," and burdened with the constant enormity of feeling like an alien everywhere she went, she found salvation in art.
"Art helped me survive alienation, pain, failures, and sorrows," she said.
Suelene started in her teens with human figures, and has expanded her talent to convey landscapes, seascapes, and botanical elements in a variety of mediums, including colored pencil, graphite, ink, gouache, watercolor, acrylic and her favorite, oil.
Art became her partner and traveling companion, and, often, her only solace while coping with the challenges that a life of uncertainty brings.  She was mesmerized by the beauty of the Earth, and began expressing her world view through art.  Her use of bold colors to express the salvation she experienced attracted admirers who encouraged her to pursue and share her art.  It is her hope that this artistic province may influence and inspire others.
Despite public accolades and recognition, Suelene was forced to withdraw from displaying her art publicly for personal reasons.  In 2017, however, she has been recruited once again to to share her own unique brand of advanced communication with the world.  Her nomadic history has cultivated a love for challenges and discovery, and she is ready for the next chapter.  She truly believes that when she dies, she will transcend to one of her canvases. Therefore, her themes always include beauty and simplicity.

Suelene Rebouças' art has been featured in:
Travelers Immigrants Art Group, 2007
Art Loop in Delaware
Hispanic Community in Philadelphia

Time Square See Mee 2014

Art in Lisbon May 2017 next event