You will soon notice that I use different kind of mediums, surfaces, sizes and muses. Most of my art are solely base in nature, some architectural. Despite the versatility of my art  none of them has presence of animals or humans figures. I like to try different things, I use all kind of surfaces, boxes, cradles, woods, a recycle intent, trash into beauty. I like to paint what feel, places I visited, flowers and plants that I grow, landscape that I longing, nature colors and beauty and imaginary place that I dream to be in it. It is always a challenge and a playground, an excite event and they all have a story to tell. It is how I interact with art, MY Zen Zone where I speak through colors, textures and images.

And since you are here, you are welcome to view it.

I'm not very fond in baby sitting the website, social media as well, I'm not very discipline in update it, I'll try to  get better.

I'm also not fond into have my  photo of I on the web, my narcissism is all towards to my artwork. 

So... expect NO selfies :)

Thank you for visiting

​​  Mazing the Nature 

  Oil on Canvas board  

  6 in x 8in

​  $65 - Unframed​

For purchase, see below

​ ​Welcome to my art world!

​​​  Ocean City - MD

  Colored Pencil on paper

  5 in x 7 in

​  $28 - Unframed​

​​  Lua de Mel

  Oil on Canvas board 

  11 in x 14 in

​  $335 - Unframed​

   Folhas Caídas

  Oil on Canvas 

  12 in x 16 in x 1 in

​  $375 - Unframed​

I will upload more soon. 

Folhas Caídas


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